In our cozy treatment room you will find our cosmetologist and permanent makeup artist working hard. She will work closely with you, so you can always receive the prettiest and best results.

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Micropigmentation is a procedure which includes the deposition of hypoallergenic mineral pigments in the top layer of the dermis to change or improve the current appearance of a person. The colour stays in the skin for 2-5 years depending on the individual skin type and state. The pigments are naturally EU-approved and 100% safe for use. The treatment is performed with needles of microscopic thickness and revolutionary high-tech equipment that was developed for exactly this kind of treatment. Our micropigmentation equipment ensures that you will have less traumas, fewer corrections and an absolutely excellent result.

Why choose Permanent Make-Up?

The purpose of permanent make-up / mikropigmentation can be different. Some want to improve, make small corrections, add something which may be naturally missing, improve their self-esteem, save time and create the opportunity for a more active lifestyle without worries about smudged make-up.

  • White scars on the lips or body
  • Alopecia
  • Allergy to cosmetics
  • Shaky hands
  • People with glasses or/and contact lenses
  • Missing hairgrowth on the brows or lashes
  • Missing pigmentation of the lips with ill-defined edge
  • Before or after chemotherapy

Desired result: Natural? or Make-Up’ed?

There can be different reasons for why one wishes to get permanent Make-up. Now it is possible to get your wish materialized, whether you want a completely natural look or a little stronger Make-up’ed result. Our specialist in micropigmentation will consult with you and recommend the right treatment for you



Get long, full eyelashes with single eyelash extensions!

If you want eyelashes that look naturally pretty and with lots of volume, then eyelash extension is for you. We have many different lengths that you can choose from, so you can get exactly the eyelashes that you want. Our experienced cosmetologist will guide you trough choosing the length, thickness and shape that will fit you best. Our guidance and expertise in the treatment ensures that you receive a good and lasting result.

We use eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are artistic eyelashes that are put over your natural eyelashes. That is a smart and easy way to get a sharp and beautiful look without the need to use a mascara. With single eyelash extension the hairs are fitted one at a time for a natural result. The lashes feel completely natural and will not obstruct your vision.

We recomend filling

The lifespan of your eyelash extensions varies based on various factors like how active you are. In our experience your lashes can hold up to 8 weeks. If you wish to always have lashes full of volume we recommend regular re-fillings. During a re-filling your eyelashes will be re-filled with the ammount of extensions that we can fit at the time.




Skip shaving for a whole month – get silky smooth skin!

We offer waxing for those that don’t want to shave every day! We perform waxing on the legs, arms, back, face, bikini like and intimate areas.

A waxing holds long time.

When you get waxed it holds about a month. After that you will need a new waxing. It takes between 3-8 weeks for the new hairs to row out again. Waxing is effective and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Important information before your procedure

It is important that the hairs are minimum 0.5 centimeters long before you get waxed.

If you should have intimate waxing the hairs need to be maximum 1 centimeter long. If they are longer we recommend that you trim them with a machine or cut them with scissors before the treatment. That will ensure the best result for you.


Easy Make-up

This is for those of you that will, for example, want to finish a lovely facial treatment with a natural make-up.

Daytime Make-up

We always choose make-up that corresponds to your age and skin type. Daytime make-up always has to be more discreet than nighttime make-up. It should radiate freshness at the same time as classical and sophisticated expression. If you are attending an event on the same day, the colours can be matched to your outfit.

Nighttime Make-up

Together with you we will make a plan for the colours and desired result. For example outfit choices. The old rule saying: “You should choose to either emphasize your mouth or eyes”, still applies! This means that if you would like to have sexy smokey eyes, it would look best with a discrete lipgloss or lipstick. If you will have bright red lips then a more discreet eye make-up should be chosen. Bent eyelashes are irresistable and are done just before the mascara is applied.


In our treatement room we work under the same principles as in the rest of the establishment, thus using only approved, free of parabens and hipoalergenic products. We use single-use materials where we can, while machines and tools are sterilized in our autoclave.

The finest results, with hygene as the top priority.