The Piercings

The Piercings

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As a professional body piercing shop we don’t use piercing guns as they are more traumatic for the body and can shatter cartilage which is irreversible trauma and piercing guns can NOT be sterilized . All piercings are performed with single use sterile needles tools and jewelry.




Lip piercing can be placed anywhere around the lip. Lip can be pierced vertically and it is called a Vertical Lip piercing, it goes through the lip with one of the ends sitting on the lip. It is always extremely important that a lip piercing is placed correctly so it doesn’t affect teeth and gums as bad placement can cause damage.

Jewelry Selection

Most popular jewelry is a labret stud, if you want it done with a ring or circular barbell also referred as a horseshoe, piercer would place it closer to the lip, to avoid complications. To the Vertical Lip piercing, commonly is used a curved/bent barbell.


A navel piercing also referred to as a belly button piercing is a piercing placed through the rim of the navel. This piercing can be done anywhere there is a defined fold, though some placements tend to be easier to heal than others. The most common placement is on the top ridge of the navel, followed by the inverse navel piercing, which is placed on the bottom ridge of the navel as well as sides of navel can be pierced.

Placement and proper jewelry is crucial for this piercing to heal. Navel piercing is long healer it can take up to 6-9 months to heal. There is variety of belly bars to choose from as a first jewelry for it regular belly bars or J-curves are most commonly used.


Eyebrow Piercing is among the least painful piercings to get done. There are a lot of options when it comes to placement, however, the most common placement is in the outer part of the eyebrow. It is usually done vertically, but can also be made horizontally which is called horizontal eyebrow piercing or any angle customer desires and / or can be done multiple piercings next to each other. Eyebrow piercing like all other piercings must be performed by a professional piercer, with knowledge of anatomy and placement and proper jewelry should be chosen to avoid rejection, scaring or any other issues.

As a first jewelry straight or curved barbell is used to avoid any movement and irritation, once it is healed there are many options of jewelry that can be used.

With us we make eyebrow piercing with pliers. The key to a well-piercing is that the skin must be positioned correctly using the forceps before the piercing. When the pliers are placed correctly, this piercing is not painful. The pain is often described as being less than when you pluck his eyebrows.

Eyebrow Piercings can after the performance increase, soft and be sore for a while afterwards. Very few will raise immediately after it is made.

It will be an eyebrow piercing could take advantage of several different types of jewelry, such as a curved rod, rings and horseshoes if desired.


Nose piercing is in our part of the world mostly for show, and have not had any real meaning, as in other cultures where it’s symbol of protection against evil spirits. Nose can be pierced in different placements and different types of jewelry can be used.

Best placements anatomically

  • Regular nose piercing on the right or left side of the nose which ever side customer wants. However, it is important to take into account each client’s anatomy. Often you will follow the little round crease on the nose and place it there, which is mostly centered in the middle of nose.
  • High nostrils – same as regular nose piercing but placed higher up on the side of the nose.
  • The septum piercing is placed like a bull ring. This kind of piercing requires experienced piercer to perform as it can be difficult to get it to sit right.
  • Nasalang – single bar goes through both sides of the nose and the middle section / septum.
  • Bridge – piercing on the top of the nose in between eyes. This piercing is performed similar like eyebrow piercing and goes only oder the skin.

Jewellery types that can be used

  • Regular nose stud which is jewelry specifically design for nose piercings.
  • Labret stud which is the most used piece of jewelry. This is a straight rod, with a flat back, and screw on/in ball on top of it with or without stones.
  • Rings are also very popular, and can be used different types such as endless ring, segmentation, ball ring, etc.
  • Horseshoes is common to use a septum piercing.


There are number of different ear piercings and as you can see in the picture they all have names for it… Earlobe piercing, conch, helix, industrial, rook, daith tragus, anti tragus, inner conch piercings. There can be one or few piercings in the same area. Two piercings connected with ring is called orbital.

Ear piercings vary in time of healing it takes from few weeks to heal earlobe up to one year for some piercings in cartilage.

As a professional body piercing shop we don’t use piercing guns as they are more traumatic for the body and can shatter cartilage which is irreversible trauma and piercing guns can NOT be sterilized . All piercings are performed with single use sterile needles tools and jewelry.


Tongue piercing is done directly through the center of the tongue. It can be done off the center then it is usually done in pairs of two to look symmetrical also known as Angel bite or Venom bites . Keep in mind that in 2-3 weeks time after piercing is done you might need to downsize jewelry because it is done with slightly oversized jewelry to compensate swelling.

Tongue web piercing A tongue frenulum piercing is a piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue, known as the frenulum linguae, and commonly the tongue web piercing.

Other placements like horizontal tongue piercing or tongue surface piercings have been seen on world wide web but we don’t do them to keep our customers safe from chipping teeth or any other damage which these piercings may cause.


Surface piercing takes place on the surface sewn into the body through areas which are not particularly concave or convex, where the piercing canal transverses a surface flap of skin, rather than running completely through a piece of body tissue from one side to another. A surface bar follows the plane of skin, while a standard piercing is pierced through the plane.

Surface piercing is made with specifically designed surface bar for this particular piercing which can be adjusted to anatomy of customer. There are two main methods of how it is performed – regular surface to surface piercing and punch and taper method.

Most common placements are wrist piercing, hip piercing, neck and nape piercings, anti eyebrow, Christina…

Placing Dermal Anchor / Microdermal

Micro Dermal Anchor also referred as single point piercing is a little anchor like piece of jewelry placed under the skin and a single point stem is visible on the top of skin where disc or gem stone can be attached. This piercing can be placed virtually anywhere on the body where there is enough skin that can hold the anchor, and it is only the individual customer’s imagination that sets the limit, you can also design a pattern with these piercings or add it to existing tattoo. It is a good idea to think carefully before choosing a location, as there are certain high-risk areas of the body, such as fingers and collarbone where it is easy to catch it and other areas of high movement.

We perform dermals with a 12 G needle or dermal punch, after which we anchor is inserted and it is done.

This whole procedure takes less than 30 seconds, this is a significantly less intrusive than other piercings.

Jewelry Selection.

The anchor itself is inserted under the skin and can not be changed, they come in different lengths of stem, piercer will choose best one for your anatomy so it is not too short or doesn’t stick out too much. However dermal tops/discs which is screwed into the anchor can be changed. There are many different colors and designs of the anchor tops.

The first time after it is made it will be red and sore, and can leak fluid. This is normal. The genes at a dermal piercing is significantly less than in more traditional piercings.

It is important you take care of it for the first few weeks, as it is more vulnerable during this period. Cover your new dermal with a plaster every time you sleep or do any sports.


A nipple piercing is a piercing, centered usually at the base of the nipple. It can be pierced at any angle but is usually done horizontally or, less often, vertically ( vertical nipple piercing ) or diagonally ( diagonal nipple piercing ). It is also possible to place multiple piercings on top of each other. It can take from 6 to even 18 months to heal completely . It is recommended that if stretching a nipple piercing it is recommended to wait at least the healing time of their piercings between stretches.

A common question among women who consider nipple piercings is how it may affect breastfeeding. There is no evidence to suggest that proper nipple piercings can cause any complications with lactation. Improper placement or jewelry or bad aftercare can cause issues but if it is done by experienced piercer with high quality jewelry there should be no risk at all.

As a first jewelry most commonly is used straight barbell to avoid movement and irritation and once it is healed rings and circular barbells can be used


Intimate Piercings are divided into two categories.

Intimate piercing for show. Piercing are done for aesthetic reasons – just to look good. These have a small or no stimulatory effect on either the wearer of the piercing or partner.

Intimate piercing of stimulation. Is piercings that primarily exist to stimulate the wearer of the piercing or his/her partner. How effective is the stimulation of intimate piercings depends on the placement of piercing, jewelry and anatomy of person.

There are many different genital piercings and many different names for them. Most common female genital piercings are vertical clitoral hood piercing (VCH) and horizontal clitoral hood piercing (HCH) followed by Christina piercing and inner and outer labia piercings. Most popular male genital piercings are Prince Albert piercing, frenum piercing, Ampallang, Apadravya, Guiche piercing and many more.

Placement and jewelry have to be chosen by piercer depending on customers anatomy and type of piercing. If you are planning to get intimate piercing done you can always first come in for consultation with piercer.

Other useful information about intimate piercings:

For intimate piercings can be used several different types of jewelry, common to them all is that they are made of implant grade Titanium or other implant grade and safe materials.


Piercing prices – Remember our Price guarantee


  • Earlobe: 150,- (2 stk. 250kr )
  • All other piercings except genital piercings are 250kr plus price of jewellery

Genital Piercing

  • Man: 400 plus Jewelry
  • Women: 400 plus Jewelry