Tattoo Styles

Tattoo Styles


Traditional. Old school / American traditional

Often these are tattoos with thick bold outlines, a bit of shading for and solid coloring. The classical designs include motives as anchors, hearts, pin-ups, ships, roses, mermaids, eagles, snakes, panthers, and daggers. All 3 of our artists Carlos, Pippi, Vinnie make traditional tattoos.

Guest artists that make traditional / old school tattoos: Uldis (Latvia), Janis (Latvia), Emil (Latvia, UK)

We have had some amazing old school artists in our shop as Marcus Mancini (Buffalo, NY), Axel Rio (Argentina, Buenos Aires ), Henry  Hablak (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

Traditional. Neo-traditional / new-school

Tattoo styles these days have become very blurry, with no artistic borders. New school and neo-traditional styles are a bit more dynamic, as they are stepping away from classical forms, and shapes. New school tattoos also tend to contain more bright colors, different tones.

In our shop Emil (Latvia/UK), Alex Jazz (Finland), Alesitto (Argentina) as well as Vinnie and Carlos are doing tattoos also in neo-traditional style.

Alex Jazz and Alesitto would be the ones we would suggest for new-school.

Traditional. Japanese / Oriental

Motives of Japanese style tattoos are: Cherry blossoms, dragons, koi fish, lotus flower, geisha, and samurai. Most of the tattoo artists that tattoo in traditional style can do the Japanese tattoos. Designs are pretty flat, often more detailed than in old school.

Uldis, Janis, Alex Jazz, Emil (guests) would be the main artists that we suggest for your Japanese tattoo if it’s a big project. Also Carlos and Vinnie are doing a bit of Japanese.


When we talk about realistic tattoos, we mean tattoos that are made with fine tiny lines/ no lines, are more detailed and “soft”. These tattoos can be both color and black and grey. Be ready to invest time and money to get really good realistic tattoo.

We have few awesome realism guest artists: Stefan (Bulgaria), Todor (Bulgaria), Dobby (Bulgaria). Also we have had the honor to have Zoran (Serbia) as our guest artist.

Scripts / Lettering

Every tattoo artist can make script tattoos. When you’re planning on getting some lettering tattoo, it’s important to listen to your tattooist. They will give you suggestions how to do it the right direction, right size. There is also a more advanced and complicated way to do scripts. Alex Jazz, Uldis (guests) and Vinnie might make an awesome artwork out of your lettering tattoo if you give them enough space and freedom to draw up design for you.


Dot work can be made with machine or with machine-free tattooing or hand poking. We have a very special guest artist visiting our shop time by time-Boff (hand-poking).


Etching style of tattooing also known as woodcarving or engraving style is style where tattoo designs are created from tiny lines so they like a Victorian time science book drawings. Usually done with a lot of details and can be from really small size.

Our artist Alan is doing this style also adding a bit of colour to some of the designs creating water colour tattoo style look and doing other dotwork and geometric tattoo designs as well

 Mixed media art

One of the latest styles in tattooing is mixed media art style tattoos. Design are created  combining different types of art and final pieces have a graphic design look which many people refer to as “trash polka”

Our guest artists George Drone is specializing in this style and is most known for it.



It’s not really a style, but what we wanted to explain you about cover-ups are following things:

  1. you have to have realistic expectations – usually big very dark tattoos won’t be possible to cover up entirely and the artist might even ask you to try to do some sessions of laser removal if in his opinion there is no chance to make a good cover up.
  2. Be open-minded and ready to go big – making a good cover up tattoo is one of hardest things in tattooing so listen to your artist and. Most of times they will suggest you to get something colorful and it is because colors and some contrast will hide your old tattoo better.
  3. There are certain things that just won’t work as cover up, for example realistic portraits, pink little flowers etc just will make your old tattoo worse! Once again – listen to your artist for his suggestions!