Before The Tattoo

Before The Tattoo

Resolution phase

It’s a good idea to consider what you want done – and in what style. There are huge amounts of material available on the web that you can look through. Take your time and check out the different sources of inspiration  via websites, Facebook profiles or Instagram. Rather use the extra time it takes, than to rush into something unsafe, you might regret!

Come by the shop and have a chat with our tattoo artists, present your ideas and please bring references. Our tattoo artist listen to you, but listen also to the tattoo artist because they have extensive experience in composition, placement and color.

Our tattoo artists will then draw a sketch that you approve or change to suit you and your desires.

If you have any questions please ask. It is important for us that you feel comfortable, and we are happy to explain about the colors, hygiene, tattoo process or whatever else you want to know.


The day of your tattoo

Before getting tattooed, it is important that you feel well, and is in balance with yourself. It is therefore a good idea to have get enough sleep the night before, and

plenty of food on the day. That way you reduce the chances of being unwell. It is important not to drink alcohol the day before your session, nor on the day. Alcohol has the capacity to thin the blood. Since it undeniably bleed when you get tattooed, it will certainly bleed more when you get tattooed if the blood is diluted with alcohol.

For some, to be tattooed is a great experience, while for others it is a real pain hell. It is therefore a good idea to be in balance you and your body. This is best done by avoiding the use of substances and to be well rested and have had plenty of food and liquid.

In order to achieve a very good result, it is important that the skin is well. This can be ensured by smearing with moisturizer day before.

Don’t use cream on the day, as this may reduce the ability to use stencil or marker pen on the skin.

Take a hot bath in the morning on the day and scrub the dead skin cells on the place to be tattooed.

Shave the place to be tattooed with a proper razor and use shaving cream.

This is just good advices that can make your experience with the tattoo artist nice and enhancing the result.

Before your tattoo you have to sign a consent form in the shop, to ensure that all conditions are met. You can also download it here, so you have more time to read it, sign it and bring it to the shop.

Shop rules or how to be a good customer

Be respectful to artist and the shop, listen to the instructions before, after and while getting tattood – good tattoo is a team work.

Follow your best general hygene.We keep our shop clean and equipment steryle and you can help us by not bringing outside germs inside the place where you get your body art done. When entering tattoo/piercing area please sanitize your hands.

Leave jackets, bags and other personal belongings on the hangers (staff will show where)

floors, tables and other surfaces are cleaned with chemicals to be safe and clean therefore ask staff before you put personal things anywhere.

Please leave your kids at home or have someone with you who can watch them in waiting area. Don’t get us wrong. We love kids – specially for breakfast…

No pets are allowed in the shop.

No food or snacks in tattoo/piercing area… We have waiting and staff room for that which you are welcome to use.

While getting tattooed or pierced if you are feeling light headed, unwell or just strange then don’t hesitate to inform your artist about it.