After The Tattoo

After The Tattoo

Common Sense Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

  • The first rule is to use common sense.
  • Do not touch or let others touch your new tattoo, unless their hands is washed thoroughly.
  • Keep your tattoo clean, and do not  subject it to hostile environments or chemicals.
  • Do not allow unqualified people to tell you what to do if you have a question, consult your tattoo artist.
  • Leave the plastic on for at least 5 hours.
  • Wash gently with soap and water. This is an important step..
  • You must take care to remove all traces of fat, blood and color.
  • Dry, do not rub. Let dry completely before covering with clothing.
  • At places with a high numbers of bacteria as example Feet change your clothes 2 times daily.
  • Do not compress the fresh tattoo with tight clothing or belts, etc.
  • We recommend you clean your before the transfer of
    Tattoo Aftercare Cream. You will obtain the best hygiene!
    Apply  After Care Cream 3-5 times daily for 10 days,
    or until your tattoo has healed.
  • If you use tight clothes – and at night, put tattoo goo and wrap your tattoo in normal domestic film as we did in the store – it will keep your tattoo from drying out.
  • No tub, swimming or sauna at least two weeks.
  • Do not expose to sun at least three weeks.
  • Don’t scratch or otherwise traumatize your fresh tattoo.
  • Your new tattoo will be healed after about two to three weeks. Maybe less, If you followed the instructions carefully.

If you experience any types of problems, contact us immediately.

Enjoy your new tattoo – Elektrisk Tatovering

You can download the instructions here