What is scarification?

Scarification is a form of body art that has been practiced for hundreds of years, especially among tribes, both for aesthetic reasons and as a symbolic nature, such as the transition from boy to man and so on. Goal is to form scars in patterns by cutting the skin. It takes experienced practitioner to have best placement and depht of cutting to get desired result.

Scarification is often more visible on people with darker complexions, as their pigmentation is different and therefore often scar more than on a pale skin.

There are various methods to produce the desired pattern:

Skin peeling

If you simply cut the skin, the scar will not always bevisible (different from person to person). Therefore, often larger are of top layer of skin is removed in order to provide a clearer / wider scars.


Cutting shapes or patterns in to skin. It forms thinner lines like in line drawing.

Does it hurt?

Yes scarification is a painful process, but a skilled artist minimize the pain when he / she knows exactly what depth to be cut. In addition, an accomplished artist work significantly faster than a novice. We offer anesthesia with lidocaine in connection with arskærring with us, but it takes unfortunately far from all the pain.

What should you do in connection with scarification?

Before you get started, it is important you adhere to a few things

  • Avoid fish oil or supplements containing this in my. 7 days prior to scarification, as it is thin the blood.
  • Barber area where it needs to be made in 5 days before we have to make it.
  • Be well rested and be sure to eat a hearty meal.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol the day before your treatment.
  • If you are in anticoagulant treatment, or suffering from diabetics or other serious illnesses should consult your doctor before a possible. treatment.

Risk of scarification

I and to make a wound of the skin, it is obvious that there is an increased risk of infection in the wound. The risk of infection is greater than with a conventional piercing. It is also not uncommon that the infection can spread to the surrounding skin, and it is therefore extremely important that the scar is kept clean. You do this by cleaning it regularly, and avoid exposure to dirty pants, sweaters etc. Pak like the scar into a clean bandage every day for the first 4-5 weeks.