Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation, is the ideal solution for women looking for a nice look 24 hours a day.

With this method, hypoallergenic mineral pigments are deposited at the top of the dermal skin layer (between 0.2-0.5 mm deep) using custom-made needles and equipment.Due to the fact that the pigment is placed very superficially, it will gradually fade over time (as opposed to a real tattoo), and therefore, you must have in mind that the treatment should be maintained continuously if you wish to maintain the permanent makeup.

Durability depends on the individual’s skin type, lifestyle, medication and many other factors. More information about this will be granted as we begin the treatment.

The colors we use are EU-approved and 100% safe to use, and the equipment used is advanced and specially developed for this type of treatment.



To start out, you must always read and understand our precautions, as described here on our website, prior to your treatment. It is important that you know what you are going into and that you know about our policy and possible risks before the treatment begins.

When you arrive to your treatment, your therapist will ask you to complete a health schedule and you will then have anesthetic cream in the area to be treated.

Once the healthcare schedule is completed, your therapist will review it and ask any necessary questions. It is important that you fill out the form 100% honestly as there are several very crucial factors that may influence the outcome of your treatment.

If there are no contraindications, treatment may be started after anesthesia has been allowed to work for 20-30 minutes. The anesthetic makes the treatment almost painless.

We always start the treatment with a process of matching expectations, and then draw the contour with a drawing pen, so you already before your treatment will have an idea of how the outcome will be. You will then give your opinion about the drawings and together with your therapist you will agree that it is the right form for your face. Only when the contour is approved, we will continue the treatment.

Then we choose from your underlying skin tone and your desire for color intensity, which pigment / color we will use for the treatment, and the actual micropigmentation process will begin.

Right after treatment, the treated area will appear more or less red and raised, and the color will be marked and significantly darker than the final result.

The swelling will diminish over 1-2 days, but the color will, however, show the following days, significantly due to the oxidation of the color and the healing process where a thin wound scrub is formed in the treated area.Therefore, you can’t judge the outcome at this time and must warn you with patience. It’s important that the treated area is handled with peace and needed the time to heal without being tampered in the crust – you must follow our aftercare guidance explicitly.

After 4-10 days, the crust will gradually peel off into small flakes, and the color will look a little more transparent and bright at this time. Because of that, the contrast of the color before and after peeling, might appear huge, and some mistakenly believe that there is no color left after pickup. At this point you once again have to maintain the patience and “don’t panic”.The skin is brand new at this stage and may therefore look a little pink and it needs time to “rebuild” to normal thickness again – exactly as an ordinary wound need to. It is also important that you do not pill in the crust and start wiping off the fine wound flakes, as this can cause the colors to be pulled out together with the flakes – in the worst case, this can form scar tissue. At this stage you also cannot “patch up” with makeup, but you have to accept having “two-colored” brows for a few days.

The complete healing takes about 28-45 days, depending on skin type, lifestyle, health, age, etc. It is only after this period of time that the result and the final color can be evaluated and we can tell if more color might need to be filled in.It is also important that you understand that in most cases one treatment only is NOT enough, but it requires at least 2 treatments before you can expect a complete result – and it is therefore also required that you come to a follow up treatment 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. You must go through the same healing process and aftercare treatment like you did in your first treatment.




If the brows are too short, too narrow or too light, permanent makeup opens the possibility for correction. The brows appear closer and compensate for lack of hair. With asymmetric brows, this can also be corrected.

When we perform permanent makeup on the brow, we first draw a form that the customer must approve.

Color is then applied to the skin with our specialized equipment. You can have shadow / powderbrows or hairpin drawing or a combination of the two techniques. However, it should be noted that not all skin types are suitable for hair strand making. Therefore, book a consultation before your treatment.


A dream for anyone wearing glasses and doing sports. With a thin line, the tilting edge may appear closer and the eye’s shape will be beautifully highlighted. With a slightly thicker eyelid line, the use of eyeliner can be completely replaced. With permanent make-up on the eyes, color is placed along the flip side. If you wish, you can have the eyeliner line only on top.

The color will be slightly dimmed after pickup compared to right after treatment. Therefore, you should not expect an as deep black color as a floating eyeliner.The eyeliner can be made in several colors. Ask your therapist if you want a different color than black.


A very small mouth can be optically enlarged and worn out lip contours will be restored and rejuvenated with permanent makeup.

When performing permanent makeup on lips we first draw a form that the customer must approve. Irregularities in the leaning contour are corrected to achieve a symmetrical and harmonious result. Then the skin is applied color. We always tint the color into the lip for a more natural result. If you want more volume in the play of color or optically more volume on your lips, we recommend three-dimensional lip-lines where you work in multiple colors at once. It is also possible to fill the entire lip with color.

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Before and after pictures of permanent makeup: