Danish Act on tattoo

We Frederick the ninth, by the Grace of God King of Denmark, the Wends and the Goths, Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn, Ditmarsken, Lauenburg and Oldenburg, make known: Parliament has passed and we have our Royal Assent to the following Act:

§ 1 Anyone who tattoos a person under 18, punishable by fine or imprisonment, unless a higher penalty is incurred under other legislation.

Stk. 2 In the same manner a person who tattoos a person in the head, neck or hands.

§ 2 This Act shall enter into force on 15 juni 1966.

§ 3 The Act does not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland but may by Royal. Decree be extended for these parts with such modifications as the special Faroese and Greenland.

Given at Christiansborg Palace, 8 juni 1966.


Unfortunately, this is currently the only legislation in Denmark, and it is therefore up to each tattoo artist or shop itself to maintain a proper environment and ethics in this matter.

This is a point we take incredibly serious, and if you have any doubts or questions about your tattoo or methods you must ask all the questions you might have, and we are very willing to show you our tools, colors and sterilization equipment.